How Escalate partners with law firms – an award-winning process to help clients with commercial disputes

It’s clear that whilst the Lord Justice Jackson reforms of 2013 were well-intended, they haven’t had the desired effect of creating access to justice for many SMEs. In fact, with rising court fees, reduced costs recovery, disproportionate ATE and funding premiums, and a system that is heavily defendant-biased, many smaller businesses are resigned to simply writing off ‘good debt’ or not pursuing otherwise viable claims.

Escalate was created for the specific purpose of removing the barriers that were preventing ‘access to justice’ for many SMEs. In doing so, we’re transforming how SMEs resolve business disputes, are helping to unblock cases that lawyers and Insolvency Practitioners had previously been unable to conclude, and are unlocking new opportunities for the accounting and legal community.

Lawyers are vital to the success of Escalate. We offer like-minded, forward-thinking legal firms the opportunity to join the Escalate platform – either by becoming a panel member, or by partnering with us on an ad hoc basis with a specific case that could benefit from the Escalate process.

In return, we ask for your law firm’s commitment to upholding the guiding principles that underpin Escalate and working with us in a supportive and collaborative environment. Our strength lies in our relationships with advisers that thrive in challenging outdated thinking. If you share this philosophy, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Collaboration is at the heart of our success – our trusted relationships with our partner law firms are the driving force behind Escalate’s award winning business model. Growing demand for Escalate means that we’re expanding our network of partner firms – please get in touch to find out how you and your clients can benefit from working with Escalate.

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