PR agency’s unpaid monthly retainer

Sector: PR Agency | Amount: £50,000

Financial brokerage’s client breach of contract

Sector: Financial Brokerage | Amount: £750,000

Unpaid invoices & an unresponsive client

Sector: Recruitment | Amount: £120,000

Website developer left unpaid by client

Sector: Digital – Website Development | Amount: £35,000

Unpaid invoices, IP infringement and a non-responsive client

Sector: Marketing – Agency | Amount: £120,000

Failed American property investment – recouping costs

Sector: Property Investment | Amount: £138,000

Recovering negligence costs from insurer

Sector: Transport & Logistics | Amount: £300,000

Breach of purchase agreement arising from company sale

Sector: Construction | Amount: £300,000

Unpaid final instalment from company sale

Sector: Business services | Amount: £325,000

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