PR agency’s unpaid monthly retainer

Sector: PR Agency | Amount: £50,000

Financial brokerage’s client breach of contract

Sector: Financial Brokerage | Amount: £750,000

Unpaid invoices & an unresponsive client

Sector: Recruitment | Amount: £120,000

Website developer left unpaid by client

Sector: Digital – Website Development | Amount: £35,000

Unpaid invoices, IP infringement and a non-responsive client

Sector: Marketing – Agency | Amount: £120,000

Failed American property investment – recouping costs

Sector: Property Investment | Amount: £138,000

Recovering negligence costs from insurer

Sector: Transport & Logistics | Amount: £300,000

Breach of purchase agreement arising from company sale

Sector: Construction | Amount: £300,000

Escalate Disputes case studies – legal expertise, case funding and cost protection; in one packaged solution to resolve commercial disputes

Escalate looks after all types of SMEs and a wide variety of commercial disputes from unpaid invoices to breach of contract, negligence and IP infringement. There is no restriction on the type of case we can take on, and so far we have helped to unlock almost £100 million that was previously written off.

The following is a selection of our resolved case studies:

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