Escalate – the straightforward, contingent commercial dispute solution that removes ALL financial risk including upfront cost.

Let’s face it; dispute resolution is still in the dark ages. These days, no one has the time, money or patience to leave it stuck in a long winded process. The time adds up, the bill increases and that’s before you even consider the other side’s costs if the case is lost.

Our transparent no-recovery, no-cost service ensures confidence at every stage.

And if you don’t win, you don’t pay a single penny.

No recovery, nothing to pay

If cost concerns are keeping you from pursuing your dispute, we can help. Under Escalate if we aren’t successful in reaching a settlement, you don’t pay out – ever. With no up-front costs, no adviser or legal bills and no court fees to pay, there’s total confidence at every stage. Escalate also includes insurance to cover any financial risk in your dispute.

Fixed fee upon success

The fee will never change as we move through the process. Of course, we want you to win your case. If you do, we’ll only charge you the fixed fee we agreed at the start. So you always know where you are, regardless of the size or complexity of the dispute.

Money back in 3 months

The Escalate process targets delivering your money back in just 3 months. We understand the importance of cash to a business, and therefore by focussing on a quick settlement alongside the removal of the upfront cost we have created a strong cash flow solution for your problem.

Old and new disputes resolved

A great advantage of Escalate is the ability to revisit yesterday’s problems and pursue them today. So if you’ve a past dispute that you wrote off because you thought it would be too time-consuming and expensive, now’s the time to pick it back up.

• No-recovery, no-cost
• Targeting money back in 3 months
• Fixed price
• Insurance included
• Past disputes included
• An established team of industry experts

We’re inviting leading professional services businesses to become re-sellers and join the Escalate panel.

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