A defective flooring product leaves client exposed to multiple claims

Type: Defective product

Sector: Manufacturing

Amount: £3 million

A flooring company had purchased products from a well-known supplier of cementitious materials. The product was defective, which resulted in the customers’ floors failing after a short period. The company was faced with significant claims from many of its clients, and wanted to recover the value of those claims and its other losses from the supplier.

The problem

The client did not have the financial resources to be able to pursue such a significant claim against a large multi-national company – and the defendant knew this.  It attempted to delay the process and force the claimant to incur further costs so it had no option but to drop the claim or settle it quickly.

How Escalate helped

Once engaged, we quickly moved to issue and serve proceedings.  The supplier has continued to delay, but is now receiving a very simple message – the more you delay, the more it will cost you. The claimant, meanwhile, has no financial risk as its costs have been agreed with Escalate up front.


The case was won after going to court in early 2019, with the claimant’s costs paid for by Escalate and a settlement figure agreed.

What the client had to say

“Thank you Rob and thank you Mark. You and the Moore Blatch team really took this to them and did not waiver.  Escalate is a truly game changing product and has enabled us as a mere minnow to swim with sharks and hold them to account.  You have given us a chance to carve out a future that would have otherwise been very difficult and would have no doubt meant the end of our business.  You have no idea what this means for my family and the families of Kevin and Jim. I am eternally grateful”.

“Escalate allowed me to sleep at night again”.



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